(Adoption Se​rvices for Birthmothers)


What is adoption?
Adoption is the legal process in which you terminate your parental rights after the birth of your child and the rights to parent are then legally assigned to a family who has passed background screening and are approved to adopt a child in their state.

What rights does the father have?
While you may or may not be involved with the father of your unborn child, he has all of the same rights and responsibilities that you do, including the right to parent the child if he so wishes. State laws vary, but every state requires that both parents terminate their parental rights before an adoption can take place, either willingly or by publication or Putative Father Registry.

Is adoption counseling available?
Adoption counseling is available at no charge. Counseling will give you emotional support for whatever decision you make. Counseling can help you explain your adoption decision to your family and friends. Counseling is available to you during your pregnancy and for a reasonable period after the birth of your child.

Can I qualify for living expenses?
Living expenses are approved by the court and depend upon your need.  Most reasonable expenses are approved such as rent, utilities, transportation, food and other basic necessities.

Does this cost me anything?
ALL expenses are FREE to you (the Birthmother). Your attorney fees and expenses are paid for by adoptive family.

What happens when I sign adoption consents?
In Arizona, adoption consents cannot be signed until three days after the birth of your child. Up until that time, you may change your mind and parent the child. Once you sign the papers, the consent is irrevocable.

Can I stay in contact with the family after the adoption?
You choose your own adoption plan which includes plans from open to closed adoptions to anything in between.  If you choose to remain in contact with the adoptive family after the adoption, you choose the type of contact.  Many times that can include pictures and letters of the child as they grow.