(Adoption Se​rvices for Birthmothers)


It is our goal to not only help your with your adoption plan, but to help you beyond your adoption.  The following is information designed to help you when you are seeking a job.  As part of our representation, we will help you build a resume, prepare a cover letter, and conduct a mock interview with you if you are interested.  Just let us know.

 Resume Building:
The following are information sites that give advice and tips on writing that perfect resume and cover letter:



Employment Websites:





Interview Tips:
1.         Research your employer:
It can be impressive to the employer when you show that you have researched the company and have an interest in the company.

2.         Do a mock interview if possible:
Mock interviews help you to be better prepared for the real thing.  It will also help you to be able to answer your questions more clear and concise.

3.         Prepare a cover letter:
 Many times, an employer will ask you to submit your resume online.  It is good practice to write a cover letter stating your interest in the job, why you would be good for the job and what your skills are or your willingness to learn.

 3.         Dress to impress:  
 First impressions are always the most important and it is important to dress appropriately as the job would require

4.         Ask questions:
Asking questions helps to show that you are serious about the job and that you have an interest in the job.  One great question is to ask about advancement opportunities

5.         Send a thank you card or letter:
Sending a card or letter to the employer is another way of showing your interest in the job and gives you exposure a second time

Online Colleges:
University of Phoenix:

 Rio Salado: